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It’s easy to over pay on your taxes. Even if you’re using software, there is no substitute for an experienced tax expert.

Our tax professionals will file your taxes accurately and on time.

Through our tax planning process we perform with every client, we ensure that you are paying the least amount in taxes while still staying compliant with the IRS.

Why Hire an Accounting Firm?

More Accurate than Software

Let’s face it; taxes are complicated. For most small businesses, using a tax software is not going to cut it. Although those tax softwares try to be simple to use, the trade-off is that you are likely missing out on deductions. The simplicity of tax softwares means they do not capture the full complexity of the tax code. Working with a professional will help you maximize your tax savings by finding deductions that you were overlooking.

Better Service

The fact is, you will not get the best refund possible with a tax service like H&R Block. These services are designed to pump out tax returns as quickly and efficiently as possible. This means you are not receiving a thorough review of your tax return. Additionally, these services prove inadequate for small business returns. This is because the professionals at these firms are only trained to handle the relatively simple individual returns.

Why Choose Us?

Expert Tax Advice

Our tax professionals can handle all your small business tax needs. Our tax experts are CPAs that have prepared hundreds of similar returns in the past, so they will know precisely how to help you.

Also, since we don’t prepare hundreds of returns each year, we are able to take the time to understand your business entirely. Since we take this extra time to learn about your business, you can feel assured that you are actually receiving the best possible refund from our tax professionals. That is our promise to you.

Personalized Tax Prep

We have a standardized tax preparation process that allows us to maximize your tax savings.

First, you will receive a personal interview with a tax professional to uncover all the deductions you are entitled.

We will use this information to prepare and review your tax return. Next, we run your tax return through our computer software to identify any potential issues with the IRS.

Finally, we will offer you tax planning advice to reduce your tax liability for next year.

Tax Preparation for Small Businesses

It is sad that so many business owners treat tax preparation as just another commodity. After working with the tax experts at Windstone Financial, you will see that there is so much more to tax preparation than what you are used to.

Taxes can be one of the most significant expenses for a small business. Don’t skimp on your savings by using an inferior software or service.

Company Types We Work with

We file tax returns for every type of business. Including:

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