Frequently Asked Questions

We love helping small businesses grow and save on their taxes. Think of us as your personal accounting department and trusted financial advisor.

We are not like your typical accounting firm that is bad at communicating and only does the bare minimum.

We want to help your business grow. We believe that your small business will thrive with our financial advice, support, and tax mitigation services. That is our promise.

Why hire one employee when you can get the support of an entire accounting for less cost? That is what we offer our clients.

Our dedicated team of expert accountants and CPAs will handle all of your accounting tasks in a more efficient and accurate manner than a single employee.

We offer you peace of mind, crystal clear finances, and strategies to help your business achieve success.

We will save you time so you can focus on value-added activities. We will reduce your stress by providing timely and accurate tax returns. We will grow your business by offering forecasts and financial analysis. And most importantly, we will help you build wealth through our tax mitigation strategies.

We determine our pricing based on a variety of factors including average monthly expenses, average monthly transactions, and complexity of transactions. We also include any optional add-ons and how much clean-up your books need when determining a fair price.

We specialize in e-commerce, real estate, and service-based industries. We have clients in all industries across the United States.

Yes! Our goal is to tailor a solution that will best fit your business needs. We offer add-ons and are flexible with mixing and matching our options.

We only use QuickBooks Online. This allows us to be experts with the software so we can provide you the best solutions.

Our goal is to free you from all of the day-to-day bookkeeping and accounting tasks.

All of your work will be done during the onboarding process when we will need:

  • Access to your QuickBooks Online Account
  • Viewer access to business bank and credit card accounts
  • Information about your payroll
  • Set-up a process to send and receive payments
  • Set-up a process to automate the sharing of invoices and receipts
  • Set-up an inventory tracking process

No matter the plan you choose, we will communicate with you through email at least once a week.

If you need immediate support, we are available through email, text, phone, and Zoom throughout the day.

Also, depending on your plan, we will have weekly, monthly, and annual calls.

No, we only communicate virtually. This policy allows us to save time and money so we can provide a better product for you.

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