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We founded Windstone Financial because we are committed to helping small business owners achieve their goals. You can think of us as your trusted advisor and personal accounting department. We pride ourselves on always being available to answer our clients questions and provide them actionable advice. Based out of Houston, we have clients across the United States in a variety of different industries so there is nothing we can’t do.

Accounting Services

Accurate Record Keeping Is a Key Component to the Success of Your Business.

Good record keeping is good business. But we know that accounting can be hard. We know that it can feel tedious, time-consuming and cause you a lot of headaches. That’s why you should leave your accounting to us, the experts. Our team will handle all of your day-to-day accounting tasks. We will do your books, your payroll, get your taxes paid on time, and make sure your company is structured correctly. We are always available to answer questions and help solve any problems you have.

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Colin V., CPA

Director of Accounting

John B.

Tax Specialist

Sophie H.

Payroll Specialist

Benjamin R., CPA

Financial Accounting Specialist

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